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Guardian Program

In an effort to grow our Labradoodle family without turning our home into a kennel atmosphere, and to ensure all of our breeding dogs live a pampered life in their forever home, we have implemented a Guardian Program. The guardian dog is part of the guardian home's family, while breeding rights are retained by Fairytale Lane LLC for a set amount of time. 3 litters for females and 5 years for males. Once the guardian dog has completed their breeding career, he/she will be spayed/neutered at my expense and will remain a forever pet of yours. I will also compensate you for every litter just for participating in the guardian home(females only). Guardian families will be under a legal contract until the breeding career is complete. Guardian families are responsible for high quality dog food (Fromm Black Bag), basic grooming, socialization, and most importantly love and attention. Yearly parvo, rabies, heartworm prevention, and "breeding related" medical cost are paid by me. Emergencies are paid for by the guardian. Must use Cato Pet Hospital in Jonesboro Arkansas for the expenses I pay. 


Q & A

1. What age do you start breeding the dog?
We will usually breed females on their second heat, which usually starts between 12 and 18 months typically.

2.How long is our Guardian Pet with you when you breed?
- As soon as the family is aware the dog is in heat in a cycle she will be bred, we will have them arrange to have her here or pick her up by about day 5 - 7 of the heat cycle.  She will remain with us for about one week and then return home.
- A male dog will be in our home about 2-3 days for a mating.
3.How long is a female  pregnant?
Dogs are pregnant for 63 days give or take 4 days.
4. How long do you wait between breedings?  
Breeding back to back is safest for the female dogs however we may skip a heat due to personal conflicts.
5. What happens when she is ready to have her puppies?
You will bring your girl to us a week before she is due so she can settle in.  We will whelp, ween, and raise the pups. We will have her approx. 4-8 weeks
6. Can we visit her when she has the puppies if she is at your house?
No visitors are allowed due to the risk of bringing in a lethal virus (Parvo) to the puppies.  The mom usually is VERY focused on her babies while she is with us. 
7. What happens during pregnancy and what do I have to do differently with the dog?
Pregnancy is actually very easy.  The dog may act a little more tired, or not eat normally for a few weeks.  The last couple weeks of pregnancy she is usually becoming hungrier and sleeps more as time progresses. Otherwise, normal activity is typical and it is important to continue with walking the dog right up to the end.  This helps during delivery.  Being in shape is always best.  Normal play and romping and running during the first half of pregnancy is great.
9. What happens if the puppy/dog gets sick or injured while in the guardian home's care?
While the dog is in your care and home, any illness or injury that happens is your financial responsibility, just as it would be if you had a non guardian pet.  We need to be involved in knowing what is going on and determining medications, but the family is responsible for those expenses.  We have your dog’s best interest at heart so it is good to have us to consult with.  If you are negligent and your dog is lost or dies when in your care we will ask for you to be responsible for our financial loss.  If your dog is injured or dies and can no longer participate in the program and you were being responsible we will not hold you liable for the loss.  Bad things can happen to anybody.  

10. What expenses do we pay for and what things does the breeder pay for?
The guardian home pays for any normal care items for the dog.  Food, dishes, leashes, beds, toys, etc. We pay for all expenses related to health testing for breeding purposes, all breeding expenses and litter expenses. 

11.How many litters do you usually breed before retiring the dog?
Females-3 litters Males-5 years

12. Who pays for the spay/neuter surgery?
We do.  This is usually about 2 months after her last litter of puppies is weaned or for male dogs on or before their sixth birthday (usually before).
13. What happens if the dog doesn't pass a health test like you want them to for becoming a breeding dog?
Our standards are very high.  Remember, that breeding quality and pet quality are two different things.  Just because a dog may not be the best breeding candidate doesn't mean she/he isn’t the perfect pet.  Your dog can pass all the tests and we still may decide to remove it from the program. If we release your dog from the breeding program, YOU will spay/neuter your dog.   You will still have gotten a quality dog for only the normal costs of having a pet.
14. What if I have a male guardian dog?
Male guardian dogs are usually used for breeding beginning at 9 months.  We ask that you make your dog available for breeding.  Most of our guardian boys aren’t used for breeding very often.  Most of the time the dogs will need to be with us less than 24 hours each time.
15. Where can I board my dog?
We may have a spot to board them at my house for $15 a night. If we are full you can use Magnolia Dog Ranch, Animal Medical, or any daycare you trust
16. What happens if we join the guardian home for a quality breeding dog but don’t intend to honor the breeding contract?
We make a great commitment emotionally and financially to our owners and guardian dogs.  We ask that you only enter into our guardian program if you are willing to make the same level of commitment to your dog and to us.  Unfortunately, we have been forced to put a penalty for those who break our contact as we find some want the discounted dog but have no intentions of honoring the contract.  We want to work with you and for this to be a win, win, win for all involved.    We work hard to select the best of the best of our dogs for our guardian homes.  We have a financial penalty to discourage those that would want to get a discounted dog and break the contract by using the dog for their own breeding program.   If you are willing to make an honest commitment to us and our breeding program we will be very flexible and will do all we can to make this program work for you and your dog.
We don't want to be controlling or intrusive into a family’s life.  We consider our dogs and owners like extended family and enjoy the extra interaction we have with them in the guardian program. We are very fair and reasonable and want to work with you to make this a win, win and win situation for all of us.  We hope that you will consider partnering with us.

Guardians Available

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