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2023 Pet Price $3000 (Sales Tax Included for AR residents) Why do you charge $3000? We do EXTENSIVE health testing to make sure you are getting the BEST. We want your newest family member to live a long and healthy life. Its an investment. See below testing

Not Local? Flight Nanny-$650, Ground Transport $300-$650 (Based on Location)


We Now OFA Certify:





-We also see a certified Ophthalmologist

in Memphis to check eyes for:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Retinal Dysplasia

Optic nerve hypoplasia

Choroidal hypoplasia



Vitreal degenerations

Corneal dystrophy

We test for the following genetic diseases through paw print genetics lab:

Degenerative Myelopathy

Exercise-Induced Collapse

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis

Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cone-Rod Dystrophy 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration

Von Willebrand Disease I

Labradoodle Doodle Puppies for sale Arkansas Mississippi Tennessee Missouri Texas


  • Microchip with application

  • Current vaccinations and worming

  • 30 Day trail Pet Insurance from Trupanion

  • 6 Generation Pedigree 

  • Puppy certificate for registration with the WALA

  • 2yr genetic health guarantee 

  • Puppy Go home kit (Sample Royal Canin, treats, blanket, toys, records)

  • Lifetime Support

  • Custom Fairytale Lane Collar

*Puppy Picks are made in order of deposits received. Deposits are placed on specific litters and not a master list. Deposits are non refundable but transferrable


Please review the contract before submitting your application. It has important information about your health guarantee and our strict spay/neuter contract.

Labradoodle Puppies for sale Arkansas Mississippi Tennessee Missouri Texas
Labradoodle Puppies for sale Arkansas Mississippi Tennessee Missouri Texas

Puppy Application:

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