Can't bring home your puppy at 8 weeks? NO PROBLEM. When your puppy is 8 weeks old they will be placed in the care of Savvy K9 with Savannah and Ben. They are located in Nashville TN.

Puppyhood can be an amazing and often frustrating time. Puppy programs are designed to encourage confidence, engagement, and manners in the foundation of a dog’s obedience while providing a positive boarding experience. In addition to crate training and potty training, boarding a puppy is a great way to normalize and provide a positive association to “sleep overs,” should the owner ever find his or herself unable to travel with the dog in the future. Introducing a young dog to boarding helps prevent future stress. The two and four week programs also give the dog an excellent start to reliable obedience as an adult and confidence in facing new environments. Help get your dog started on the right paw!



$850 – 2 week foundation program for puppies 8-12 weeks with a focus on crate training

The perfect jumpstart to a well behaved dog! This two week program gives your 8-12 week old puppy an excellent foundation for owners who want to continue training through private lessons or future board and train programs. We introduce crate training, handler engagement, luring behaviors, and handling desensitization for grooming and vet appointments. This program ends with one go home lesson to demonstrate how to keep up the training at home.




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$1,300 – 4 week foundation program for puppies 12-16 weeks

This program is designed for pups that are old enough to be asked a little more of than the Savvy Pup Basic but are still young enough to need some potty training and foundation work. Puppies, ages 12-16 weeks, will not only work on crate training, but will also be conditioned with verbal obedience commands and structure in the house. During their four week stay, they also get lots of exposure to new environments and potential stressors (vacuums, ect). At the end of their stay, owners will get a lesson and the training equipment needed to keep the pup at a consistent standard.